Patrick Ashforth

Appearing at 1:00 PM // DAY ONE
Breakout Session

Patrick is one of the most accomplished social media operatives in WA politics, with a decade of experience leading social media, first for WA Labor and then for the Premier through to the end of last year.

Working through election campaigns and in government, Patrick has a deep understanding of the Western Australian political, cultural and social media landscape, and a strong record of building content that resonates widely, and leaves a lasting impression.

In his role in the Premier’s office in 2020, he played an important role as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and brought a rapid, fundamental change to politics, the world, and social media’s place within it. If you were in WA then, you’d definitely be familiar with his work in the months that followed through lockdowns, restrictions and the lighter moments in between.

He is currently working as an adviser in the corporate sector.


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