Step off the social media and digital marketing merry-go-round and get your bearings with a day of social and digital enlightenment and entertaining at Australia’s most unconferencey conference.

At a time when the marketing landscape is changing faster than Facebook’s algorithms, State of Social 2019 is a solid rock of knowledge towering from the roiling sea of social and digital innovation. It’s a place where we plainly pose and adroitly answer the question ‘Where to from here?’

  • Bask in the brilliant ideas and insights of our industry’s leading luminaries.
  • Chow down on a brain-food smorgasbord and an equally mouth-watering menu of eats.
  • Rub shoulders with digital doyens, then get your shoulders rubbed by our masseurs.
  • Drink in the spectacular Swan River panoramas and get your caffeine fix fixed by our baristas.
  • Get liberal with the libations at the #SMPerth Sundowner.

State of Social 2018 was a galactic success. In 2019, we’re making Perth the centre of the digiverse.


Behind The Scenes

State of Social is a tangent of #SMPerth, the brainchild of social media marketing strategist Meg Coffey.

#SMPerth (or Social Media Perth, if we’re being formal) is WA’s foremost social media resource, forum and community.

What started out as an excuse for social media aficionados to get social in real life, and discuss all things digital over a beverage (or three), has become the go-to hub for Perth’s social media novices and social marketing maestros alike.

Today, as the powerhouse behind a series of social and digital marketing workshops and masterclasses, not to mention the paradigm-shifting State of Social event, #SMPerth is THE place to learn, share, laugh and work your net if you have an interest in social media and digital marketing.