Australia’s brainiest digital marketing event is back to equip you with the skills, tools and smarts you need to stay ahead of the pack.

From becoming the Most Valuable Player to fast-tracking projects with a Minimum Viable Product mindset, getting your MVP on means getting maximum points on the board with minimum effort.

Perfect your strategy and master new tactics. Slam-dunk your execution and convert your goals. Find your niche and dominate the market. Raise your social and digital game at SOS ’22.

Two days of killer keynotes, discussions and breakout brainstorms analysing the latest trends, techniques and real-world case studies to help you plan, create and convert, no matter what the world throws at you.

Rub shoulders, butt heads, swap notes and share a barista-brewed coffee with the brightest minds in the business.


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  • 8.15am


  • 9.00am


  • 9.20 - 9.35am


    State of Social Founder Meg Coffey takes to the stage to kick things off for 2022.

  • 9.40 - 10.20am

    KEYNOTE // Vincenzo Landino

    Our international keynote speaker Vincenzo Landino will kick things off by discussing how content marketing has exploded in sport over the past few years. From F1’s Drive to Survive to the impending golf and tennis series, effective content marketing opens the sports to the masses and has changed the fortunes of all involved.

  • 10.25 - 11.05am

    KEYNOTE // Adam Ferrier

  • 11.10 - 12.00pm

    KEYNOTE // Jennie Sager, Nextdoor

    What exactly is a community these days? Why does it matter? How do you build one around your brand? (Clue: You don’t. You build it around your customers.)

    From big blue-sky insights to small-scale ground-level ideas, Jennie Sager will be sharing how to connect, cultivate and celebrate a community that adds value to customers’ lives, as well as your brand.

  • 12.00 - 1.00pm


    Enjoy a long lunch in the Sports Lounge and take in the sights of the incredible grounds at Optus Stadium. We’ve left you plenty of time to grab a feed and check your emails and then devour the brain food on offer.

  • 1.10 - 1.40pm


    Your choice of 3 sessions covering the hottest topics in social media and digital marketing.

    River View Room 1 // Sponsored by Bonfire
    Politics, personality and pandemics with Patrick Ashforth
    Meet Mark McGowan’s former social media advisor. Find out what lessons he learned managing the Premier’s socials during the pandemic and how you can apply them in your digital marketing, from embracing your brand’s personality to pivoting like a political pro.

    River View Room 2 // Sponsored by Sked Social
    Let’s get it on – social and PR – the romantic tryst you need in your life with David Gardiner
    Social is powerful. PR is a game-changer. What happens when they get together? The earth moves. Find out how to make the match made in heaven with David Gardiner, one of the most sought-after PR pros around. The owner of pioneering PR and event consultancy DGPR will be hosting a breakout session packed with practical takeaways, so you can swipe right on the best social tactics for your PR campaign and vice versa.

    River View Room 3 // Sponsored by Coffey & Tea
    When there is a void of information it will be filled; be part of the conversation with Dr Holly Ludeman
    Here is how her authentic storytelling project filled a void of information, took control of the narrative and lead to the founding of the not-for-profit company The Livestock Collective. In her case-study breakout, she’ll share the lessons she’s learned about authentic storytelling, leveraging social to win hearts and change minds, and engaging and empowering your community to become champions for your brand and cause.

  • 1.55 - 2.25pm


    Your choice of 3 sessions covering the hottest topics in social media and digital marketing.

    River View Room 1 // Sponsored by Bonfire

    River View Room 2 // Sponsored by Sked Social
    Navigating through a carpet of wildflowers with Cory Gale
    How do you identify what’s unique about your brand, then cultivate content that leverages all that uniqueness? How do you sow the seeds for a content and community strategy that will blossom and bloom? Take a leaf (or petal) out of Tourism WA’s book.

    River View Room 3 // Sponsored by Advertising Council Australia
    What’s the Most Valuable P with Youngbloods Australia
    We all know that people are critical to success, so let our panel of experts Emma Hollins, Simon Mullins, Marcie Greenall and Eloise Cribb try and persuade you which of the 4 P’s in marketing truly is the most valuable. Listen, Decide, Vote – and end the biggest debate in marketing history!


  • 2.40 - 3.10pm


    Your choice of 2 sessions covering the hottest topics in social media and digital marketing.

    River View Room 1 // Sponsored by Bonfire
    Why understanding your customers is the only marketing strategy you need with Hayley Boneham
    Like the gun mechanic whose car needs a service, marketing pros and agencies often neglect their own marketing. Not Bonfire. And not Hayley. In her masterclass, Hayley will share tips from the Bonfire playbook on everything from personas, psychometric profiling and social listening to strategy and campaigns, so you can identify and motivate your ideal clients.

    River View Room 2 // Sponsored by Sked Social
    My Most Valuable Plays with Susannah George
    How did Susannah turn her promising digital and social marketing career into Urban List, serving up 30,000+ recommendations an hour to 3 million+ culture seekers across 12 markets? Find out from the award-winning entrepreneur herself.

  • 3.15 - 3.45pm


    Take a quick break and find your friends in the Sports Lounge. Grab a snack, charge the phone.

  • 3.50 - 4.30pm

    KEYNOTE // David Ray, Reddit

    From r/wallstreetbets and the crash of the One Simple Wish website to the Battle of the Joshes, in 2021, the most notable moments on Reddit were when redditors took their comments, comradery, conversations, and more from URL to IRL.

    In his must-see keynote, David Ray will take a deep dive into the moments and communities that inspired redditors to be catalysts for change both online and in the real world, exploring the reverberating impacts of this for brands and community-builders alike. 

  • 4.35 - 5.10pm

    KEYNOTE // Tim Duggan

    Co-founder of Junkee Media and author of the award-winning Cult Status: How to Build a Business People Adore and must-read Killer Thinking: How to Turn Good Ideas into Brilliant Ones, Tim Duggan has blazed a creative trail through the ever-changing digital media landscape.

    What sets brilliant ideas apart from merely good ones? How can you generate ideas in your digital and social media day-to-day that elevate your brand and bottom line? In his keynote, Tim will use the KILLER framework from his book Killer Thinking to explore and deconstruct the best ideas in the world and help you become a creative MVP.

  • 5.20pm


    A quick word from State of Social Founder Meg Coffey to wrap up Day One.

  • 5.25 - 6.30pm

    #SMPERTH Drinks

    Have a drink and a nibble as you recap Day One and mingle with new and old friends alike.

  • 8.10am


    The baristas are ready and waiting to help fuel the bodies while the brains are hard at work.

  • 9.00 - 10.00am


    Your choice of 3 workshops covering the hottest topics in social media and digital marketing.

    River View Room 1 // Sponsored by Bonfire
    Cut through the digital noise with Aaron Matthews
    66% of the population listens to music and podcasts every week. 86% of brands and agencies see audio marketing as an essential part of their future. Having an audio strategy for your brand is more important than ever. And Aaron Matthews from Creative Audio Fix is coming to SOS22 with a masterclass to help you develop a distinct voice for your brand that resonates and motivates.

    River View Room 2 // Sponsored by Sked Social
    How to Plan on Camera Content that Will Actually Grow Your Brand and Make You Money with Carmen Braidwood

    River View Room 3 // Sponsored by Coffey & Tea
    Personal Performance & Stress Optimisation with Robbie Figg
    Optimise your employee performance and gain insights into positive overall well-being. Increase focus, attention, confidence, energy level, and productivity. The session will give your team members tools to assist in reducing anxiety and stress.

    This workshop focuses on taking individuals and thus their organisations from good to great. You will learn the tools and techniques to get the best performance from yourself in various situations.

  • 10.15 - 11.15am


    Your choice of 3 workshops covering the hottest topics in social media and digital marketing.

    River View Room 1 // Sponsored by Bonfire
    From Analytics to Online Experiences Customers Love with Johari Lanng
    Discover how to use data to understand, woo and inspire your customers online from Bonfire’s Product Lead for Performance Analytics. Join Joharri and learn how to leverage all the cool new capabilities of Google Analytics 4 to create digital design solutions that deliver what your business needs and what your end-users want.

    River View Room 2 // Sponsored by Advertising Council Australia
    Stay in the Moment with Myles Pollard
    Any digital marketing gig is about the performance of your strategies and tactics. But it all starts with your performance with the people that matter – your clients, whether they’re internal or external.

    In his workshop, Myles will share vital methods for staying cool, calm, confident and creative under pressure. Discover how to control your nerves, stay receptive and communicate clearly and compellingly when time’s tight and you need to let your creativity loose.

    River View Room 3 // Sponsored by Sked Social
    Capture shots that convert customers with Thom Davidson
    Who needs a professional photographer?! OK, so there are plenty of times when we marketers need a professional photographer, especially one of the calibre of Shot By Thom’s Thom Davidson. He’s one of WA’s finest. But if you’re looking to raise your everyday content-creation and visual storytelling game, Thom’s smartphone and digital photography workshop is for you.



  • 11.30am - 12.30pm


    Your choice of 3 workshops covering the hottest topics in social media and digital marketing.

    River View Room 1 // Sponsored by Bonfire
    The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret with Dave Stewart
    Bennett’s Dave Stewart is one of Australia’s leading intellectual property (IP) lawyers and he’s coming to SOS22 to blow the lid on NDAs, confidentiality and avoiding jail. From hidden truths to trade secrets, from non-disclosure agreements to breaches of confidence, get a crash course in keeping your IP safe and yourself on the right side of the law.

    River View Room 2 // Sponsored by Sked Social
    Maximum Volume Possible: the new MVP with Andrés López-Varela
    For years, brands and marketers have been fighting the good fight against the tsunami of content on the internet. We’ve always tried to stay above the fray, focus on quality over quantity and be selective about the content we create. But, for better or worse, we’ve lost that fight.

    The now established $100 billion creator economy, the definitive lurch towards short-form video content and streamlined social commerce have transformed the internet into a high-velocity, high-volume hypermart of content. And, as the age-old saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them”. So, it’s time for brands to properly join the party by going Maximum Volume Possible.

    In this workshop, Andrés López-Varela, GM, Strategy & Operations at Storyation, will show you how to re-think your content strategy to achieve the Maximum Volume Possible in a manageable way.

    River View Room 3 // Sponsored by Coffey & Tea
    Ignite Your Curiosity Through Play with Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie
    In her hands-on, play-powered workshop, Dr Kate – a world-renowned researcher and thought leader in innovation, play and the future – will use the SUPERCONNECT® method to boost your imagination and ingenuity. Based on the science of curiosity and play, you’ll rediscover how to have fun and reconnect with your joy, finding a new way of connecting, thinking and working creatively.

  • 12.30 - 1.30pm


    Enjoy a light lunch and take a moment to let the learning sink in.

    Take a seat in stadium or grab a spot in the Champions Terrace as you refuel and prepare for the afternoon sessions.

  • 1.40 - 2.40pm


    Your choice of 3 workshops covering the hottest topics in social media and digital marketing.

    River View Room 1 // Sponsored by Bonfire
    Content Smash: how to create consistent and consistently good content with Erika McInerney
    Who are your audiences? What’s the best way to engage with them? What content do they REALLY want and need? What does content batching actually mean? Why does it matter? How do you do it without affecting your other work commitments and your sanity?

    Mac&Ernie’s Erika has the answers. All of them. Along with a foolproof content planning, creation and batching system that will work for you, no matter what your industry or niche. More bang for your social buck. Less time and effort. No stressing or guessing over what to post.

    River View Room 2 // Sponsored by Sked Social
    Branded Entertainment and Gamification in Marketing with Mike Drysdale
    The masterclass includes a deep dive into how game theory can create branded content that audiences choose to consume, rather than rush to skip. For those new to the subject, a comprehensive introduction to branded entertainment in its many forms will also be covered.

    This time around, there’ll be more entertainment on the cards. Drysdale will be launching an all-new expansion set for The Concept, equipping marketers with tools to infuse game theory into their branded content and connect more meaningfully with their audiences.

    River View Room 3 // Sponsored by Coffey & Tea
    Design for Trust with Dan Bradley
    Trust is the foundation for any lasting relationship. Yet many brands still struggle to build trust, especially in low-touch, transactional environments. Low trust reduces not only spend but loyalty and advocacy – so how can this key ingredient be woven into your brand experience?

    Dan Bradley, Director of Principals AlphaLab will share findings into the psychology of trust and how important it is to your brand, to your teams creating innovation as well as to your customers. He’ll demonstrate the key Principles of Designing for Trust and describe how his team apply their proven methodology to work with some of Australia’s biggest brands – unlocking new growth and build loyalty, while transforming the customer experience. Using a real-world case study, you’ll discover how to build trust, reduce complaints, save million and reduce waste (spoiler: this project saved $1.2m in its first year) before holding a short Q&A at the end.

  • 2.55 - 3.55pm


    Your choice of 2 workshops covering the hottest topics in social media and digital marketing.

    River View Room 1 // Sponsored by Bonfire

    River View Room 2 // Sponsored by Sked Social
    Get Reely Good at Short-Form Video with Kyra Goodman
    You’d expect Sked Social’s Head of Social Media to have an arsenal of practical video-creation tips and tricks up her sleeve. But you might not expect her to fly from the U.S to Perth to share them with you. She is, though. More than that, Kyra’s going to workshop them with you.

    From lighting to cloning, from on-brand visuals to on-trend audio, from adding effects to eliminating common mistakes, top up your Reels and TikTok toolbox with Kyra’s fave techniques and transitions and elevate your short-form video style and mojo.

  • 4.15-4.45pm

    CLOSING // Meg Coffey

    You may not know it yet, but Meg always has an opinion about something. So what’s her opinion on the State of Social? Let’s take a humourous look back at what’s happened over the past few days and where social media and digital marketing are going next.




17 AUGUST 2022



17 AUGUST 2022





“It was an amazing day. Best marketing focused conference ever held in Perth.” – Karen T.

“Amazing conference, the best social and digital conference I’ve attended in Australia.” – Eliza T.

“Definitely the best marketing and or social media conference I’ve been to.” – Sarah B.

In the spirit of reconciliation, State of Social acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.


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