Tame the CHAOS.

Australia’s brainiest digital marketing event was back to help you choose the right path when the apocalypse comes out of leftfield.

How do you find the silver lining in the dark cloud of a global pandemic? How do you open the door to new opportunities when your best-laid plans go out the window? How do you clean up when Facebook throws its toys out of the pram? Guests found out at SOS ’21.

Two days of killer keynotes, discussions and breakout brainstorms analysing the latest trends, techniques and real-world case studies to help you plan, create and convert, no matter what the world throws at you.

Rub shoulders, butt heads, swap notes and share a barista-brewed coffee with the brightest minds in the business.

Speakers included Adrian Molina, Rachel Corbett, Suzie Shaw, Zoe Scaman, Rae Johnston, Smiljka Dimitrijevic, David Gardiner, Carol McCracken, Anne Shea, Dave Stewart, Barry Walker, Michael Wretham, Carmen Braidwood, Garry Dean, Mike Drysdale, Zach Kangelaris, Andres Lopez-Varela, Gabe Mach, Kim McKay & Martin Lane, Scott Sanders & Ben de Jonge, Kristine Hodgson, Andy Wright & Chris Freel, Christina Garnett, and Alexa Heinrich.

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Photos by Shot by Thom and Lanie Sims Photography.