Gavin Bain
Appearing at 1:55PM

Gavin Bain Meerkats

Panel Session » Behaviour

Gavin is charged with leading and growing Meerkats. As a purpose-led communication business, Meerkats works with businesses to unlock the commercial value of human motivation. Over recent years, Gavin has overseen the development of Meerkat’s consultancy services and their creative business solutions offer that has seen their business shape evolve and grow in the rapidly changing communications space.

At Meerkats, Gavin has worked with some of Western Australia and Australia’s most loved brands including St John Ambulance, Lotterywest, iiNet, P&N Bank, Browne Dairy, Synergy, Silver Chain and many others. Across all the clients he has worked alongside, Gavin has brought his client side experience to bear, showing both an empathy for client issues and process, and a healthy understanding of what drives effectiveness, including pervasive client relationships far beyond the marketing team.