More virtual masterclass extras for Day Two. And even more to come…

Our One Day ticket is jam-packed with value. Our Two Day ticket packs an even bigger punch, with a choice of workshops to help you create and implement your digital and social strategy.

And now we’re adding more masterclass value to your State of Social Two Day ticket.

Virtual masterclasses for a real-world edge.

If you’ve been to State of Social before, you’ll know we like spoiling you with secret surprises and unexpected extras, but our big-name, big-brain, on-demand masterclasses are extra special.

  • Session #1: Sustainable storytelling for communities. You don’t have to shout to cut through in an increasingly shouty world. Our very own social strategy superstar Meg Coffey will show you how to keep your customers engaged and on your side by doing more with less.
  • Session #2: Old brand, new world. Does it feel like your brand’s heritage and legacy are holding your digital marketing back? Find out how to run with it with John Deere’s Director of Strategic Public Relations and Enterprise Social Media, Jen Hartmann.
  • Session #3: Is your social accessible? The more accessible your content, the more people will access it. Learn why accessibility and inclusivity are so important, and how to raise your accessibility game, with award-winning social media strategist Alexa Heinrich.
  • Session #4: A matter of fact: How to improve your content with fact-checking. Are you sure that sensational news, quote or stat you want to use in an article is true? Raise your fact-checking game and build trust with celebrated storytelling supremo Jonathan Crossfield.

And this is just for starters. We’ll be adding more extra-special extra sessions to our Day Two menu soon, all exclusively available to Two Day ticketholders.



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