We’re DICE certified!

State of Social is proud to announce it is the first Australian event to claim DICE (Diversity and Inclusion in Conference and Events) certification for our 2021 Conference, themed ‘Chaos’.

State of Social founder Meg Coffey said, “Accessibility isn’t just a hot buzzword – it’s something we all need to be taking seriously. Posting a black square on Instagram and hoping for the best isn’t going to affect change but making a concerted effort to be inclusive in all aspects of our business will.”

It’s always been important to me to have a diverse group of people speak – and attend – State of Social, and this year we are really taking it up a notch. I am thrilled to be the first Australian event to be DICE certified and hope that this not only broadens the conversation around accessibility and inclusion at all levels but shines a light on how we can incorporate it into our daily business activities too.”

The DICE charter provides certification and guidance to help conferences and events deliver a representative and diverse set of speakers, perspectives, and attendees. Certification is built on a scored set of self-regulatory guidelines across Gender, Race, Age, Class and Education, Disability and Neurodiversity, Hate Speech, Marketing, and General Accessibility and based on the 2010 UK Equality Act.