Is social good for your mental health? Or not so much?

This is the subject of the Advertising Council’s Youngbloods ding-dong debate at State of Social ’20. Grab your ticket, join the deliberations and find out what the sharpest up-and-comers in marketing think.

Our Youngbloods Debate will feature bright young things from Perth’s top marketing and communications agencies:

In the red corner! Arguing social media negatively impacts mental health.

  • Ali MacKellar, Comms Design Manager, Initiative (Youngbloods WA Co-Chair)
  • Emma Hollins, Account Manager, Wunderman Thompson
  • Patrick Tully, Paid Manager, Reprise Digital

In the blue corner! Arguing social media positively impacts mental health.

  • Anneliese Sullivan, Copywriter, The Brand Agency (Youngbloods WA Co-Chair)
  • Cam Bisley, Social Media Director, Rare
  • Jacqui Hayes, Digital Executive, Reprise Digital

So, do you think it’s time to rethink social?

In the uncertain, polarised times of Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, Trump and Brexit, is the rising incidence of stress, anxiety and depression exacerbated by social? Or would more of us be struggling with our mental health without our social fix?

Join the debate, back your team and have your say. Book your ticket to State of Social so you can butt heads and rub shoulders with the smartest minds in digital and social. But hurry – there are only a few weeks to go. Find out more about what we’ve got in store at Optus Stadium.