Barb de Corti
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Barb de Corti Enjo

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Barb de Corti is one of Australia’s most formidable business women. Since starting ENJO Australia in 1994, Barb’s sheer perseverance, passion and in her own words ‘hustle, hustle, hustle’ have seen ENJO become one of the nation’s most recognisable brands.

As a fastidious cleaner, Barb has always been house proud, ensuring all surfaces were spotlessly clean in her home. However, whilst her home has always been in excellent shape, unfortunately her family’s health was not. As a child, Barb’s son suffered from asthma with regular flare-ups that seemed to trigger after a bath. It wasn’t until she experienced a different concept in cleaning that she began to consider if it were the harsh chemicals she was using, that were impacting her son’s health.

It was while visiting Austria that Barb was first exposed to ENJO products, which are to this day engineered and manufactured in Austria. Once she saw how well the fibre gloves worked, she was hooked. On returning to Australia Barb couldn’t stop telling friends how wonderful her new cleaning products were and it wasn’t long before they were asking where they could get their own.

In 1994, after investing her family’s $40,000 life savings, Barb brought ENJO to Australia. She admits that the first 3 years were exceptionally hard, selling her house and car to keep the business afloat. However, she was determined and truly believed in the product, convinced that other families would reap the benefits of chemical-free cleaning.

ENJO has used a direct selling model since day one. Barb maintains that this is the only way for potential customers to experience the remarkable cleaning abilities of the ENJO range in a real-home setting. It was also the perfect way to engage 1000’s of ‘ENJOpreneurs’, most of whom are women and mums, to enable them to build their own flexible, rewarding business.

ENJO Australia is one of Australia’s most successful companies, turning over millions annually. This success is undoubtedly due to Barb’s unwavering passion for the brand and products and the people she works with, something which is tangible whenever she speaks about her business. Barb is also a savvy strategist, creating a dedicated range of ENJO’s skincare products, with Santé by ENJO becoming a thriving brand in its own right.

Barb’s passion and commitment to a healthy, chemical free way of life extends beyond the boardroom, living and breathing her message by leading an active, healthy lifestyle and encouraging and supporting staff to do the same. It’s all of these qualities combined that make Barb de Corti an inspiring, motivational and stand-out businesswoman.