Let me see you workshop, workshop, workshop!

With day one in the rearview mirror, State of Social moved on to a second day filled with workshops and more attendee questions than we could count. 

In what was clearly the hottest ticket in town, Gabe Mach (Bonfire) got things underway with his absolutely packed workshop, Rethink Digital.

Gabe took an eager audience on a journey through all the ins and outs of Google analytics in an engaging and enlightening workshop that had hands popping up all over the room. From setting up a strategy, tag manager, and audiences, to establishing triggers, website interactions, and more, Rethink Digital was a serious masterclass in all things Google and Facebook.

Gabe even took time to answer the question that we’ve all asked at least once in our lives: are Facebook and Google listening to my conversations? The answer: no. Why? Well, because Facebook and Google already know everything about you.

Running simultaneously with Gabe’s workshop, State of Social founder Meg Coffey held a hands-on workshop, with attendees creating a plan for Dogs’ Refuge Home.

Dividing groups up into threes, participants were tasked with creating a tactical and practical plan for three problems facing the Dogs’ Refuge Home. From viral TikTok campaigns to using Instagram guides, there was plenty of practical learning on display and ideas flying in all directions. Who doesn’t love dogs, right?

Not to be outdone by, well, herself, Meg Coffey held her second workshop for the day, with an engaging and passionate talk on telling better stories. In what proved to be one of the most honest, high-energy, and authentic workshops of the entire conference, Meg challenged attendees to let their audience do the talking for them and listen more.

Gavin Carver (88 Astronauts) wrapped things up on day two with workshop attendees to a crash course in creativity in social media, offering valuable insights into unique and simple ways to take social content to new heights.

Gavin shared some of his favourite creative apps with the audience and revealed his three golden rules for content on social media.

  • Stop me
    What does your content do to stop people from simply scrolling past? Think about your visual elements first, including the aspect ratio you decide to use for a particular post.
  • Reward me 
    Social media isn’t all about making your business money. Well, it’s kind of not. If you want your content to succeed on social media, you need to offer your followers something with your content. This value can even be the content itself.
  • Tell me what to do
    Call to action. It’s that simple. Once you’ve stopped someone on social media, what do you want them to do? What action do you want people to take? This doesn’t have to be a purchase. Often, taking action can be as simple as leaving a comment or simply liking a post.

If you want to sell, you have to earn it. In Gavin’s words, “Give yourself permission to sell by providing value.”

That’s all for another year of State of Social! For all the information on next year’s event, make sure you’re following us on Twitter.