FIRST KEYNOTE! The last word on community creation with Jennie Sager.

If anyone understands the power of community – and how to harness it – it’s Nextdoor’s Jennie Sager. 

So, grab your State of Social ’22 ticket and prepare to raise your community-building game with Jennie.

Jennie Sager

Jennie Sager, Head of Nextdoor Australia

Twitter. Viacom. National Geographic. Discovery. Nine Entertainment. Jennie’s career as a media and tech exec reads like a dream CV, spanning 65 countries and almost any sector you care to mention.

Now at the helm of Nextdoor Australia, her mission is to cultivate a kinder, community-focused world, so if you’re looking to build a loyal, engaged community (who isn’t?), listen up.

Build your community one customer at a time

What exactly is a community these days? Why does it matter? How do you build one around your brand? (Clue: You don’t. You build it around your customers.)

From big blue-sky insights to small-scale ground-level ideas, Jennie will be sharing how to connect, cultivate and celebrate a community that adds value to customers’ lives, as well as your brand.