Do some blue-sky thinking with Aviation American Gin’s highflying gin-ius.

Adrián Molina, the first of our big-name, big-brain international keynotes at State of Social ‘21.

It’s time to grab a G&T and your SOS21 ticket.

And he’s more than just Ryan Reynolds’ wingman. He’s a Senior Brand Manager. 2020 AdWeek Young Influential. #MarketingTwitter legend.

As a self-described hybrid marketer, Bronx-born Adrián brings Madison Avenue flair to every aspect of Aviation’s multi-channel marketing and has taken the brand into the stratosphere. He’s a walking-talking one-man brand, digital and social masterclass.

And he loves his job so much, he even had it tattooed.

Where is he taking his marketing strategy and digital tactics next on Aviation’s round-the-world trip? How did he deal with 2020’s turbulence and avoid a one-way ticket to the funny farm? And how will he nail Aviation’s landing on the other side of the pandemic?

Get the answers to these and many more pun-laiden questions at State of Social ’21.

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