Two Teams. One Epic Arena.

Let The Battle Of The Youngbloods Commence.

Check your social media preconceptions at the door to State of Social ‘20 at Optus Stadium. The Advertising Council’s Youngbloods are here to discuss, debate and dissect the question: Is social media good for your mental health? Is it time to rethink the way you think about social? 


Uncertainty about social media in uncertain times.

Covid-19. Black Lives Matter. The Divided States of America. Brexit. The US-China trade war. It’s little wonder more and more people are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression.

Social media undoubtedly powers the 24/7 news cycle. Some argue it’s polarising us and fuelling online conflict, yet it also connects people at a time when social distancing and travel restrictions are forcing many apart.

Whatever way you look at it, the interplay between social media and mental health is real. And it’s set to become an increasingly important factor for digital and social marketers.


Good or bad for mental health? You decide.

Our Youngbloods Debate will feature bright young things from top marketing and communications agencies.

On one side, three theorists arguing that social media has a negative effect on mental health. On the other, a trio of talent putting the case for social media as a benefit to mental health.

Listen to the arguments. Make up your own mind. Cast your vote and leave with invaluable insights into whether social media (and your digital strategies) needs to change. And if so, how.


Find out more about what we’ve got in store at State of Social ’20 and stay tuned for exciting news and surprises you won’t find on our official program.

Grab your ticket and take your place among the digital marketing world’s movers, shakers, game-changers and strategy-makers.

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