Create a big hairy audacious digital strategy. Save little furry lives in the process.

New digital and social marketing strategies. New puppies to cuddle! The Dog’s Refuge Home is back at State of Social, so you can rub shoulders with the digiverse’s stars at lunch, or just boop some wet noses. And you’ll be supporting the Dog’s Refuge just by booking your State of Social ticket.

From smashing digital goals to smooshing pups

Last year we raised $3,000 for the Dogs’ Refuge Home. We donated a pawtion of our ticket sales, while delegates took a well-earned break from upping their digital game to make a gold-coin donation and enjoy a lunchtime nuzzle with the Home’s snuggliest sooks.

And we’re chuffed to say the puppies are back for State of Social ‘20.

A bit about the Dogs’ Refuge Home

The Dogs’ Refuge Home believes every dog deserves a loving home. And we couldn’t agree more.

Every year, the Dogs’ Refuge team in Perth’s Shenton Park takes in and rehomes hundreds of abandoned puppies and dogs from across Western Australia. They have a Pro-Life Policy, which means no healthy dog is ever euthanised.

And crucially, they rely on the generosity of donors to do their life-saving work.

As a self-funded organisation, donations from State of Social delegates enable us to continue to save over 1300 dogs every year – and we look forward to introducing you to just a few of them at the conference this November.

Karen Rhodes, President Dogs Refuge Home

Make a donation now. Make a furry friend later.

Can’t wait for your puppy fix? Then head to the Dogs’ Refuge Home website where you can gush over their current canine residents and make a secure online donation. Just make sure you also bring your gold-coin donation to State of Social ’20. Prepare for a cuteness overload!

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