When your boss says ‘no budget for SOS ‘20’, you say ‘no brainer’. Here’s how…

This time last year, your boss might have ummed and ahhed about buying a State of Social ’20 ticket for you. But this time last year ‘Covid-19’ would’ve sounded like a dubious new K-pop band.

Now, your boss doesn’t need to send you to SOS ’20. In a COVID world, they HAVE to.


But Covid-19 has obliterated our budgets.

Exactly! Your boss has to do much more with much less. Now, more than ever, businesses have to think and act strategically. Every dollar has to deliver an exponential return. And dollar for dollar, nothing delivers a bigger bang for your boss’s training or marketing bucks than State of Social ’20.


Use these Covid-19 arguments to get your boss to play ball:

Create a winning COVID strategy for your boss.

State of Social ’20 is all about equipping you to plan, build and execute a digital marketing strategy that works for you. You’ll come out the other side of SOS ’20  with the digital-strategy smarts and insights you need to make your boss’s sales and business goals happen. Your boss will come out the other side of Covid-19 looking at promotion.

Make your boss look smarter than the average boss.

You’ll come back from State of Social ’20 full of insights and gems gleaned from keynotes, panel discussions and debates featuring some of the biggest and brightest brains in the digital marketing world. When you share them with your boss (and the rest of your team) your boss will look and sound like a digital media savant in the board room.

Pick a ticket to suit your budget.

Go for a virtual ticket. No travel or accommodation expenses, but all the brain food, available on video and on-demand. Go for the One Day ticket. All the keynotes, discussions, debates, plus gourmet eats, treats and added-value extras. Or go for the full Two Day ticket. All that Day One goodness, plus practical strategy workshops and extra on demand sessions that will help you turn your learnings into earnings.

Do the sums. The business case makes itself.

The virtual ticket works out to around $9.50 per week over the course of a year. The One Day ticket equates to $2 per day and the Two Day ticket costs just $2.50 per day! How many new customers will your digital-strategy smarts win over the course of 12 months? How much knock-on, word-of-mouth business and brand value will that generate? Is there a better value training or marketing investment? We think not.

Be there. Or get left in everyone else’s dust.

State of Social is Australia’s brightest, brainiest social and digital marketing conference. Everyone in your industry that’s serious about digital and social marketing will be there, stealing a strategic march on the competition. Your boss needs you there. Otherwise, you’ll both be playing catch-up for the next year.


You’ve got five great arguments here. Now, go get your boss on board and get your tickets.





Why your boss needs you to go to State of Social ’20