Here you’ll find the latest information, media releases, interview opportunities, downloadable images, videos and much more.

The full program will be released in mid-2021.

For further information or to schedule interviews with any of the State of Social participants please contact:
Meg Coffey
0447 555 310

Latest Media Releases

We’re DICE certified (20 May ’21)
State of Social ’21 is the first Australian event certified for diversity and inclusion.

Aviation Gin’s Adrian Molina is speaking at SOS21 (12 April ’21)
Negronis all around!

State of Social 21: Tame the Chaos (26 March ’21)
Plan, create, convert: Keep your sanity and ahead of the game.

Photos, Video & Other Media

Here are the photos from our event last year – you can use any of these photos in your promotion of State of Social ’21.

Highlights from State of Social ’20

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